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An ADD Woman with Lacy Estelle

Sep 19, 2022

When you have ADHD, relationships can have hills and valleys.  There are issues from your ADHD that can bring extraordinary highs and deep lows, and while there are drawbacks to the challenges ADHD brings, there are also some true benefits about being committed to a woman with ADHD.

Speaking from her experience and from conversations with other ADHD women, Lacy Estelle talks at length about how ADHD impacts the love relationships women have, both positively and negatively.  She shares good counsel on how to navigate relationships in ways that accommodate your ADHD and benefit everyone involved in this episode that can speak to every woman with ADHD, regardless of relationship status.

Resources and Links

Guided Mentorship Program with Lacy Estelle: A personalized one-on-one mentorship with Lacy Estelle for ADHD adult women and mothers to help you gain clarity of your value, navigate the tricky waters of your interpersonal relationships while having ADHD, recognize your weakness without letting them weigh you down, find and build on your strengths, accountability to make habit changes, celebrate successes, and recognize self-sabotage and stop it before it starts. For more information on this limited program, visit

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